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Service & maintenance

Correctly completed maintenance and regular inspection will optimise the operating time and operational costs of your handling equipment.
Your LOC distributor is in a position to offer you an attractive range of maintenance contracts which will meet your needs exactly.
Your distributor will above all be there to help you define a maintenance plan and establish a list of routine inspections and maintenance recommendations which are adapted to your truck. The most regularly proposed types of contract are as follows:

  • The inspection contract, which representatively covers an inspection of your equipment at defined intervals,
  • The maintenance contract, which includes the maintenance tasks recommended in the maintenance manual (except for the daily service checks), and particularly includes the oil changes and filter replacements.
  • The Full Service contract, which covers all maintenance and repair operations throughout the duration of the contract, except for the daily service checks which are carried out by the operator.

Refer to your LOC distributor to adapt the contract to your utilisation profile.
Your LOC distributor, who will use the principles and methods defined in the technical documentation and will provide you with trained technicians, is a recognised expert for repairing and maintaining your fleet.