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30 December 2011: New corporate name, MANITOU BF.
Within the framework of a universal transfer of capital, the subsidiary MLM merges with its parent company located in Ancenis and so becomes branch of MANITOU BF, in charge of marketing storage products for the LOC brand.

We thus incorporate the Manitou group.

ManitouGroup_Logo copie

The production unit was transferred to Beaupreau (Maine and Loire).

The commercial department, after-sales and spare parts remains at St Ouen l’Aumône and includes new premises in the Béthunes Industrial Estate at 7 avenue du Fief.

2010 : Ever since it was founded, LOC has not stopped innovating and extending the product range. We thought that it was time for a change in our corporate design with the introduction of a new logo and website.

To implement the change, the LOC logo and website have been modernised.

Logo LOC ENG horizontal


In 2006, LOC celebrates its 75th anniversary with the Gipsy kings.



In 2003 LOC becomes MLM & keeps it's trademark.

Compression logo LOC


In 1993 LOC joins the MANITOU group World wide leader of rough terrain fork lift trucks.

Compression Site Manitou BF


1988 :
Lifting station TGV Atlantique.

1981 :
Lifting station TGV Rhônes-Alpes.

1989 :
LOC stops manufacturing lifting stations to concentrate on electric stackers.


Compression TGV


In 1972 LOC moves to Saint Ouen l'Aumône.

Compression- demenagement-SOA


In 1964 LOC buys patents in order to manufacture ride on motorised stackers.

Compression Spirou


In 1945 LOC launches it's first manual stacker "Triloc"

Compression Triloc

In 1931 Mr LOCBRUNHER creates LOC in Sannois (95) and manufatures train lifting equipment

Compression Train